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What is a Valuation Report?

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Valuation surveys are for the benefit of the mortgage lender. They are intended to give a value of the property for insurance purposes and give an indication of anything that may affect that value.
Valuations alone do not give an indication of the condition of the property. You may not have any grounds for complaint if you rely on them to buy a property and there is subsequently a defect or a problem with the property's structure.

What is a Building Survey also known as Structural Survey)

Missing tile to extension rear roof

A Building Survey is a detailed investigation into the construction and condition of the property, produced in a comprehensive report according to the style of the surveyor. The extent of the survey will be subject to discussion and agreement with the client and may include specialist reports (e.g. electrics) at extra cost. Defects are analysed and guidance will be given on remedial work and maintenance. It is suitable for all types of property. Fees will vary depending on the size, nature and value of the property, but quotations can normally be given. If telephoning please have available basic information concerning the property to be surveyed including age and style, details of accommodation, any unusual features and approximate value.

What is the The RICS Homebuyer Service?

Attic view of chimney and roof frame

This Report is designed as an economy package. However, it is based on a full inspection of the property and is produced in a standardised format produced by the RICS. It contains precise information on urgent and significant defects or other matters likely to affect the value of the property. It does not provide detailed descriptions of construction or services and is not designed to cover non-urgent matters. The Report is suitable for flats, maisonettes and houses built after the first world war which are apparently in reasonable condition. It is not suitable for older, larger or unusual properties.

Old, Traditional and Non-Traditional Properties

Open jointed front porch party wall

In the area that we cover, roughly 30 miles radius of Hampton Court, there are many diverse properties many of considerable age. There are also properties comprising non standard building methods including pre fabrication. We deal with both this type of unusual and the more normal timber famed and stone or rubble constructed property. We have carried out surveys of all of these types and are experienced in such work. Virtually all require a Building Survey. Should you contemplate purchasing this type of property we strongly recommend that you engage a chartered building surveyor and obtain a report prior to your purchase.Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and the property you have in mind, telephone advice is free.

Crack at wall/top of window joint

Check Surveys

Specialist advice regarding cracks, rot, dampness, insect and other attack for private clients.

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